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text/gallery curates collaborative projects inspired by the printed and written word. we are interested in the space between text and the visual arts: using typography, languages, libraries and archives as a catalyst for creative practice.
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Location: So Far the Future, 44 Emerald Street, London WC1N 3LH

19 designers were given an open brief to explore language's difficult, tongue-tripping, unpronounceable labyrinths typographically and in their own language. Drawing from Italian, Spanish, English, Russian and Chinese, these works take on a variety of forms: from letterpress and silkscreen prints, to light-based artworks and sculpture.

Our first exhibition took place in March at the German Gymnasium.
47 designers contributed work based on the dictionary's beautiful but forgotten words. See their work here.

The Art of Lost Words is currently available for touring - please get in touch if you're interested in bringing it to your venue. We can also help plan an educational or local design element to accompany the exhibition.

3-13 SEPTEMBER 2009, London
Typographic installation at Kings Place

Commissioned by Poet in the City and the British Council,
Words Converge is a collaborative installation that will showcase the work of young poets in the UK, Israel, Romania, Greece and Georgia.
Part of the spoken word and music festival at Kings Place.
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